Monday, May 14, 2007

just don't ask questions and keep your mouth shut

you may remember that i had a slight victory here when i got a team of IT wizards to come in and see if we can enter the 21st century and get our two "word processing" computers hooked up to the internet. so today i asked our fearless branch leader if there was any news about this and she said to me that blah blah blah the team was just here to "survey" and that they would report back to Mr. So-and-So at IT Wizard Headquarters and he would make the decision. so i think to myself, self ... maybe i should write an e-mail to this Mr. So-and-So and tell him a sob story about why the young adults in this branch need internet computers. but as the wheels in my head are turning, our fearless leader tells me that the district librarian said "just don't ask questions and keep your mouth shut and then you might get more stuff." nice. this is the way things are run in hell's library. don't have open communication with other offices of the library to voice the needs and/or concerns of your branch. don't ask questions. don't voice any opinions. just shut up and don't bother anyone because no one likes a complainer and just cross your fingers that you may get what you need. grrrrrr.

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ian gordon said...

This place sounds very like the art department I used to run.