Friday, May 25, 2007

i have a three day weekend! i have a three day weekend!

yes, that is right ... not only have i been enjoying my time away from hell's library, but now i even get to enjoy three days off in a row! it's a beautiful thing. i spent my morning at a workshop learning how to read picture books to children. turns out lyle lyle crocodile, althought totally awesome, is WAY too long to read aloud. but might i recommend "i stink" the story of a snappy little nyc garbage truck with a heart of gold. and it reminds me of a certain someone who recently admitted to me that his childhood fantasy job was to be a garbage man. he he he he.

i just do not feel like doing anything else productive today. wasn't learning about picture books enough? let me tell you about my exciting 3-day weekend plans:

1. sleep
2. clean
3. nap
4. organize
5. nap
6. host a fabulous pinata party
7. sleep
8. go to the beach

ahhhhhh, can't wait.

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