Friday, September 28, 2007


today i had my first class visit. now let me tell you a little bit about me and public speaking. i hate it. i hate public speaking. yet, i am surprisingly good at it once i get starting. but the build up is nerve wracking. anyway, so i was dreading this class of fifth graders coming to visit. but then when they got here ... it was SO NICE! they were lovely well-behaved little children who asked pertinent smart questions and they didn't act up at all. and get this ... they like books! so i booktalked a bunch of books (without practicing) and then the kids excitedly picked out books from the books which i booktalked! yay! then they all got library cards and checked the books out!
AND, i am leaving early today. so in a half hour when all the bad annoying kids come in from school I WILL BE OUT OF HERE! i will pick up my dry cleaning and then i will go to the gym and then i will make sangria and then i will eat dumplings.

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