Tuesday, September 4, 2007

silver lining

although i was a little disappointed there was no party thrown to commemorate my departure, there was a lot of hugging and people telling me how much they wished i wasn't leaving. it was pretty sweet. i mean, i was only working there a month and a half and everyone got very attached to me, saying how they'd miss me and what a great librarian i am and how much the branch needs me. there are times that i am still a little taken aback when people acknowledge that i am really good at what i do. this is not to stay that i'm not really good at what i do. i am really good. you would be so lucky to have me in your community library. but it still surprises me sometimes when people say it.
so as i was leaving the branch manager told me how they still need a YA librarian and she wishes it could be me. then the children's librarian piped in that i would be such a perfect YA librarian for the branch. and we all wistfully thought how lovely it would be if i could transfer back when my 6 month probation is up. and although i'm sad to be going back to the hood, i feel upbeat that there is this branch that i could be happy in and they want me and maybe i could actually end up there.

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fifi said...

Hey, that's great -- the branch manager extended an olive branch in YA to you! They'll totally ask you back.