Friday, September 7, 2007

a new philosophy

i think i may have mentioned the "desk free society" which has taken over at library-in-the-hood. so one thing i have noticed now that i am back and trying to unpack my stuff is that there is no place to unpack my stuff to. not only do we no longer have personal desks, but they have taken away most of the shelving and storage closets and filing cabinets and counter tops. at the children's desk there used to be this low shelving unit where i kept reference books and now that shelving unit is gone as well. so all the books i used to keep there now have no home. NO HOME! its so sad. and it makes organizing really difficult. and they did this ON PURPOSE!

so the fancy pants design people were in today and i asked them if i could have my low shelves back so that i could be organized because i am a librarian and we organize stuff.  and she tells me that the "philosophy" is that if i have all my stuff at the children's desk that i would be less inclined to be on the "floor" helping people because my desk would be so cozy and convenient.  so instead i will now be spending my time either A) carrying around all my files and books wherever i go or B) i will have to store things in the basement and then make trips up and down all the time.  why is it such a big deal to go to the basement you ask?  is it because i am afraid of basements? yes,  slightly.  but it is mostly a big deal because we HAD all this storage space.  we had a whole workroom with desks and overhead compartments and file drawers and they took it away from us!  where is the justice?!

and what is worse is that my bedroom is also a mess.  so i go home and everything is chaotic and unorganized and now i go to work IN A LIBRARY ... SUPPOSED BEACON OF ORGANIZATION and it is chaotic and unorganized there too.  grrrrrrr.

p.s. i made it a whole day without any derogatory comments made towards me. however, the woman in the laundromat gave me a dirty look when i dropped my clothes off.  but it was only $6 so i feel the low price was worth getting a mean stare.

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