Thursday, September 13, 2007

functional schmunktional

i came in this morning to find out that are opening date has been pushed back yet again to next friday, which is fine by me because i am enjoying the peace and quiet. i spent the morning making a "welcome back" banner and coloring it in with magic markers. yay! but as i was printing out this lovely banner which i made, the printer ran out of paper as printers often do. at the new children's desk (sans small shelving unit) there is a little cubby hole where the printer sits on a little platform on rails so that the printer may be pulled in and out of said cubby hole with ease. why would you need to pull a printer in and out of a cubby hole with ease? i'm not sure. but its a terribly modern fabulous desin. and this little platform has a raised edge all around it so that my printer can't run off and escape. thank god we have fenced in the printer.
why am i telling you this? because when i went to add more paper to the printer i realized that the platform is only slightly large than the printer, and that the raised edge is about as high as the paper tray THEREBY making it physically impossible to open the paper tray. yes, that is right. now i'm sure a problem such as this could have been avoided by doing some simple measuring, but who really has time to measure when doing stuff like contruction and remodeling and furniture purchasing.
so in order to add paper i must lift the printer up and then rest it on the very handy raised edge so that the paper tray is free to be opened without any obstructions. i pointed this out to a passing workman and he told me that was "the design." well, what will those designers think up next?
really, its a good thing that raised edge is there or else i would have nothing to rest the printer on when i am repeatedly lifting it up to add paper. he he he he.

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*Bitch Cakes* said...

Stuff like that makes me insane. INSANE!!! Good luck dealing with that for the rest of your life, or until some genius redesigns something else...