Friday, September 21, 2007

opening day: a summary

opening day went well ... the kids were excited to be back. i've decided to start something where every week i have a puzzle and the kids get a prize if they can solve said puzzle. i put up a word search of the US, thinking that word searches are pretty easy. however the kids seem to think that finding all 50 states in a word search is far too much work. oh well, maybe they'll warm up to the idea slowly.
i forgot how strict the other librarian here is. she keeps coming over here and yelling at the kids when really they're hardly doing anything wrong. i'd like to speak to her about it but since she is the library manager, i feel a bit weird telling her to get the hell out of my children's room.
but my favorite thing which happened today is that these two sisters came in. they're both 11 and very overweight. and they seem really old. i think they could easily pass for 16. anyway, they come in and they're looking around, saying how nice everything looks, saying how much they missed the library, etc etc. and then they see the chairs and one of them says, "damned, what happened to the chairs?!"
then the other one chimes in, "those are some little chairs!" (turns to me) "why they get such little chairs?!"

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