Friday, September 21, 2007

opening day!

we're opening up to the public in 2 minutes! will there be a line outside and people will rush in? probably not. most likely, people won't even realize we're open. yay!
i spent the whole morning trying to figure out why i am the only person who cannot log in to my computer. when i say "my computer," i mean the computer at the children's desk since i no longer have my own desk with my own computer. but as i am the only person who will sit here, it's mine. mine all mine!
i finally took a picture of my highly organized craft closet. however i don't have the cord to upload the picture from my camera to the computer so you will all have to wait with baited breath to see it. i hope you can stand it.

1 comment:

*Bitch Cakes* said...

{waiting with baited breath}

I hope you're sitting in one of those tiny midget chairs. Cause that's how I'm picturing you and it's hi-LAR-ious!

Happy opening day!