Thursday, September 20, 2007

thank you mental health day

back and work and feeling much better ... getting this place whipped into shape for tomorrow. working on my calendar of october programs. i've decided we're going to make collages! i've collected a box-full of discarded magazines for this. i'm so excited!
yet again i have forgotten to bring my camera to take pictures of my organized closet (which is getting less and less organized every day as i find more things that need to be put away). but i swear i will take pictures tomorrow.
spoke to the nubian god last night. i do believe he is trying. maybe i don't need to move to texas after all.
so in conclusion ... things are better. i'm happier fitter more productive (although yesterday i was highly productive. i sold clothes at buffalo exchange and got a $65 credit! then spent it all on dresses!)
fyi: our chairs are still too small

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