Friday, September 21, 2007

if nothing else, i at least know where my googley eyes are

before my amaing transformation of this walk-in closet, when you opened the doors a small avalanche of crafty items would cascade down upon you. but no more! to the left is the shelving unit i stole from the basement. it now houses our collection of board games. the top two shelves have various papers: regular paper, card stock, tissue paper and oak tag. the unit on the right has two clear plastic shelving drawers that contain all sorts of crafty goodness: pipe cleaners, foam shapes, glue sticks, colored cotton balls, markers, etc. each drawer is labeled with its contents. then on the bottom tier we have my collection of hand puppets. never know when you might need a hand puppet. and then the middle shelf has more markers, crayons, oragami paper and instructions, etc. popsicle sticks and a large bucket of beads are stowed above the plastic drawers, and several bags of stuffing are shoved in between the two units, along with a large tub of sidewalk chalk which i can't imagine i'll ever use. look upon my craft closet in all its glory!!!

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*Bitch Cakes* said...

Oh my god- I am so impressed. And a little excited!!!!