Tuesday, September 18, 2007

more lines of communication

i just remembered something funny ... back when i finally convinced the designers that the chairs were too small, they started chattering amongst themselves trying to figure out who they could talk to about getting the right chairs. it went something like this:
designer 1: well we need to call R. R is the one in charge of this project.
designer 2: yeah but R is out sick (R has conveniently been out sick for two and half weeks. maybe she caught the plague).
designer 1: hmmmmm.
designer 2: we could call J. J would know what to do.
designer 1: no, we're not allowed to talk to J. we can only talk to R.
designer 2: hmmm, is there someone we can call and talk to and then they can talk to J?
and so on and so on until nothing is resolved.


Maureen said...

This gets better and better! Sorry, I know it's not really funny if you're there. But it's pretty funny from a distance-especially nirvana!

*Bitch Cakes* said...

Seriously- It's so stupid, it's funny; but infuriating even though I'm not involved.