Thursday, January 17, 2008

the big day, a pencil borrowed, and being the manager is hard damned work

so tomorrow is my big meeting. i wrote up an outline so that i can try to remember my key phrases. i am very very curious to see how this goes.
anyway, after the paper fiasco it was business as usual. my assistant came in, oh how i love her, and we did a program that we started called "i am somebody." this is an ongoing program in which we try to convince the children that they can be somebody. i say convince because we really are convincing them. anyway, today's "i am somebody" was a two parter. first we discussed how no one is perfect and everyone has faults. so me and my assistant told the kids what some of our faults are. my assistant said sometimes she is impatient and argumentative (although i would never say this about her cause i love her). then i said that sometimes i am lazy and don't work hard enough to accomplish my goals. then we had the kids anonymously write down one thing about themselves that they don't like (i totally stole this from an awesome diva burlesque dancer) and we put them in a paper bag and then i pulled them out one by one and we all discussed them. the kids did a really good job. they said stuff like "acting up," or "playing around too much" or "not thinking quickly enough" etc. and we discussed all these things. it was really good. then we did the opposite where we filled out these sheets where is says "i am a _ _ _ _ _ _ person" and they had to think of all 6 of their best qualities. and then draw a picture of themselves in the middle. i think a good time was had by all and it was really productive. i WILL keep these kids out of jail!
then at the end of the day i asked my favorite kid what he was thanking me for in his thank you note and he said he was thanking me for loaning him a pencil the other day. he's so sweet.

p.s. my assistant told me that while i was away at the conference she needed her activity reports signed and since i was not there to sign them she asked the manager to sign. she said that the manager rolled her eyes and complained that she hated having to do this type of thing (this type of thing being sign her name 5 times). then she signed the reports without even reading them. she really is the hardest working manager in showbiz.

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*Bitch Cakes* said...

That "manager" is awful. I despise her!!!!!

I am also interested in hearing how your meeting goes. Great idea to write out your keypoints and be prepared!