Saturday, January 12, 2008

sleepy and full of cheese

library conference - day 2
woke up early this morning to a luke warm shower and a mediocre breakfast. i almost was going to complain about the mediocre-ness of my breakfast but then i wussed out. but lo and behold a hotel official serendipitously called me to ask me about the quality of my breakfast and when i expressed to her my dissatisfaction she offered me a complimentary breakfast tomorrow morning. woohoo!
then i was off to sign in because they wouldn't let me sign in last night without the proper registration. it seems a driver's license is not sufficient proof of my identity. anyway, at registration they had another guitar hero iii set up! this is totally the guitar hero conference. love it love it love it.
once registered i went to the YALSA (i hope you're learning your acronyms) all committee meeting. i met my other committee members who are very nice, did some schmoozing with my gals from hell's library, etc etc. and then who should walk over to my table but NB, the man from my library who is my manager's boss and who will be meeting with me next week to discuss my difficulties. so he and i chatted and he asked me about the committee i serve on (point one - me) i wound up introducing him to one of my committee members who works with incarcerated youth and was interested in making contacts with someone from my library. so i hooked that up and NB thanked me and yet again i show myself to be oh so valuable (point two - me)
turns out this woman from my committee grew up on long island and knows alot of the hell's library people i know so after all our meetings were over she and i met up with a few of her friends and we all went out and had fondue. mmmmm, fondue.
yet another glorious day in the city of librarian love. now i am tired and need to watch mindless television. tomorrow i will hit up the exhibits and try to get as much schwag as possible. then i will go to the employment area and give out many copies of my resume. just in case NB can't come through for me. but i hope he can.


*Bitch Cakes* said...

Breakfast by far is the best meal because it has the greatest and tastiest food options. To hear that yours was only mediocre makes me sad to say the least. How wonderful of them to want to make it up to you!

I hope you had maple syrup dreams. I know I would have!

fifi said...

Good luck on the resume-drop -- I hope you rented a large enough crop-duster to cover every possibility!

Go Day Three!!