Thursday, January 10, 2008

that's fine by me

i spent the morning printing out maps of philly and itineraries for my library conference this weekend. turns out i will need to do more networking than i thought. tonight after boot camp i will print up copies of my resume. thank goodness that new staples just opened up across from my apartment.
miss dewey decimal?! my god! what's happened?!

manager: could i see you for a moment please
me: sure (bow my head in anticipation for whatever is coming, as i walk into her office and she shuts the door behind me)
manager: we had spoken to you about your leave time usage, and now i am giving you an official oral warning
(she goes on about how i called in sick twice and left early once because i poked my eye out)
me: but you said that if i got a doctor's note i couldn't be penalized
manager: yeah, it seems like i spoke out of turn. they are really cracking down.
me: i think your exact words were that if i had a doctor's note they "couldn't touch me."
manager: yes well i said it turns out i was speaking out of turn. they are really cracking down on sick time usage
me: well, i can't help it if i am sick. i had laryngitis. i could barely speak.
this goes back and forth for a while and she discusses that how since we are a small branch the librarians must be reliable because if there is no librarian they cannot open the branch.
me: well, i understand that but at the same time i feel it is unfair for the burden of whether or not this branch opens to be on my shoulders. i don't feel i should have to be a martyr, coming in when i am ill.
then my manager tells me how its "them" not her, and how this is how it is and that They have fired four librarians for sick time usage.
me: that's very sad because i am an asset to this library system. i do good work here.
manager: well your future here is in jeopardy if you cannot improve your leave usage.
me: well, it's not in my hands to improve. my getting sick is not something i can change. (although i did buy some hand sanitizer. maybe that will help?)
manager: i understand that but this is what they are looking at and like i said, they've fired four librarians for just this reason
me: well luckily i have gotten myself back on the civil service list for nassau county. so i guess i'll just start looking for another job. (read: don't you dare try and intimidate me!) it's a shame though because i really enjoy working with these kids and i feel i am helping them alot.
more back and forth BS.
manager: you need to improve this before your next evaluation in May or you could be fired.
me: like i said, i understand what you are saying. but this is not something i can change. i took this job with the understanding that i got a certain amount of sick time. i never would have taken it if i had known i'd be penalized for using the sick time i am offered. i understand that you are giving me an official warning. fine. if they have to fire me then that's what they'll have to do. i can't change the fact that i get sick. i'll start my job search now.
manager: well if this doesn't improve then you most likely will be fired in May.
me: that's fine by me (and i walk out of her office like the tough as nails rockstar that i am)


Jennifer said...

I can't believe what you have to put up with. As a manager, I don't like it if my people take all their sick time if they aren't sick...but when you are and you get a note? Ugh! I would speak to someone higher up as normally when someone refers to "they" it's code for "It's me - but I'm too much of a wimp to say so."

*Bitch Cakes* said...

I'm not even a manager, but I am affected and annoyed by those that abuse sick time. However, you were REALLY SICK! I even heard your lack of a voice. You had notes and everything- you were not abusing your benefit.

I am sorry the library (or any company/employer) can be so backwards in their views.