Monday, January 28, 2008

there's a mouse in my house: part deux

today i came home, again with the plans to work on my "novel." urgh, this thing is killing me. i have like four pages. why is this so slow going? is it because mars is in retrograde? i'm fighting it. i'm fighting the retrograde.
anyway i come home intending to have some quality time with my laptop when i see something scurry into the center of my living room. lo and behold there is the little gray mouse. now, i would like to take the time to point at that i once had not one but TWO pet mice (pinky and the brain, may you rest in peace and may god have mercy on your souls). but yet again i see the mouse in my house and i start screaming like a little girl. as soon as i start screaming the mouse runs behind the oven. i think that's where he has created one of those little mouse holes in the wall like you see in the tom and jerry cartoons. anyway, i decide to arm myself with a plastic pitcher in hopes that it would come back out and i could trap it under the pitcher (much like my sister's successful strategy of catching a mouse with a take-out soup container). but alas the mouse is gone, again. le sigh.
maybe i need to take ms. bitch cakes up on her offer of bringing her cat over here.


*Bitch Cakes* said...

Totally! We'll make a mouse date. Pick us up in your fancy mobile. I'll load him in the carrier. He'll be nervous about being in a new place at first, but when he gets wind of that thing stirring, he'll go NUTS till he catches it! I know this because of his bug kills. He's such a proud little boy when he gets one too. I love that little guy.

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

i went into my pink sanctuary of a bathroom and i noticed that one of my bathroom carpets has a little chewed hole in it. do mice eat bathroom carpets? next time i see this thing i am totally coming to your place with the fancy mobile to get you and your feline.