Thursday, January 31, 2008

all svelte up and nowhere to go

the glam rocker is dead to me! you heard it here first. and, beloved blog readers, please remind me never to get involved with someone who has his own "persona." seriously, what was i thinking?
so last night my roommate and i were on the roof smoking cigarettes (i don't even smoke cigarettes!) lamenting the state of romantical affairs, debating about whether or not we need to move to another city in order to be lucky in love. and she said to me that she felt that if only she were thinner, then her problems would be solved. "roommate!" i said, "you are plenty thin. you're a beautiful girl and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!"
and then i told her how i've become so svelte from the non-drinking and how this newfound svelteness has not helped me in ANY way. except of course that now when i am naked in front of the mirror i say things like, "damned! i'm svelte!" and i feel pretty good about myself. but ultimately, isn't it the human condition to want to share this svelteness with others? is that so wrong? is it too much to ask?
i believe i then said that i wanted to waste away and become a beautiful anorexic untouchable thing to be placed high on pedestals and loved from a distance. and then after that i said i wanted to move to some sort of jewish nunnery on a mountain top where i can finally have some peace and quiet. i'm kind of all over the place right now.

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*Bitch Cakes* said...

Your roommate is the perfect size and truly beautiful.

I totally relate- I get hit on the same at my current weight as I did 50 pounds heavier. The compliments have changed slightly, but the volume is basically the same. Yet I want to show off how very hot and svelte I am too. I think I accomplish this with my outfits.

It really is nice to look in the mirror and feel hot and svelte. Not everyone can do that. Good for you!