Monday, January 7, 2008

there's something fishy going on here

my manager just got back from her vacation today. (did i mention that the head clerk came in an hour and a half late? i wonder if that will be reflected in her timesheet) anyway, i asked said manager if i could have two saturdays off. now, when i say i want a saturday off that means that i will just work another saturday. its not like you get out of working a saturday. i need one saturday off in march because it is my cousin's wedding. and i need a saturday off in april so that i may celebrate passover. (passover is my FAVORITE jewish holiday)
manager: march 22? that's easter, isn't it?
me: i don't know. (seriously, who are you asking?)
manager: i take my vacation on easter
me: hmmm
and sure enough we looked at the calendar and she is marked to have a vacation after easter. and of course me jewish cousin has decided to get married easter weekend knowing that none of us have anything better to do.
now, i believe in vacations. take them often! but i have noticed that there is a propensity for the manager to take "prime" vacation times. for instance ... the week after new year's day. now, this wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that any time she is on vacation it means that i HAVE to be in the library, since there are only two librarians. so, every time that she takes a vacation right after a holiday it means that no one else can have that day off. and she seems to be doing this for every holiday. every year.
so she says she will "look into" whether or not the central office can send someone else on this day. now i will tell you right now: i am NOT missing my cousin's wedding so that i can sit at library-in-da-hood. i WILL NOT. that is BS. i will call in sick or not show up before i miss a state occasion. i may even wear pearls. i am TRYING to be nice by giving them more than two months notice that i will not be here that day. i would like to "legally" have that day off. but if push comes to shove i'm sure that i can get a doctor's note from one of the many jewish doctors that will be at said wedding. i'll just ask one of them to bring their presciption pads. let's see ... there's linda, there's robert, there's peter ....

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*Bitch Cakes* said...

Don't they know who they're dealing with?!

No- seriously- I don't get why they are such raving meanies (I was going to use a much, much worse word)!