Monday, January 21, 2008

is she oppressed? or is she a mess? does she feel totally worthless?

so i was telling a glam rocker about this blog (what? you don't think librarians get to hob knob with glam rockers? get with the program) anyway, this glam rocker wanted to make sure he got the name of my blog correct so he asked, "it's oppressed librarian, right?"
i like that ... oppressed librarian. i am feeling a little oppressed right now. i am a free thinking librarian trapped in a fascist bureaucracy. but i will prevail! i will not be a cog in your machine! shine on you crazy librarian! ok, enough of that.
moving on ... i have applied for jobs at a variety of fabulous shiny new places and i am sure one of them will be thrilled to have me.
this glam rocker also said that there is a way to blog from your phone. well, what will they think of next? i really should be blogging from my phone. here i've just been using my phone for txting, phone calls, and taking stupid pictures like a sucker. but i tried to do this blogging via phone thing and it does not seem to be working. i don't know if it's me or the phone. let's blame the phone.

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