Monday, January 7, 2008

the gestapo is here OR that's it, i've had it

let me get this off my chest .... GRRRRRRRR!
okay. if i was feeling up to it i would go to the gym and hit the punching bag a little, but its 11 pm. instead i'll just vent to you, my beloved blog readers.
today i was introduced to our newest library employee. she is what is called a community library liason. i have no idea what this means. but from what i hear she is supposed to be a "security" type person who roams around and keeps everyone in line. this of course leaves me very apprehensive.
i was sitting in on a program my assistant started called dream chasers club. the children were sitting around the table telling us what their dreams are and what they think they need to do to make their dreams come true. (god, don't you just hate that?! i can totally see why my manager wishes all these kids would stop coming into the library.) anyway, the CLL walks through as i am discussing several different books that the dream chasers might want to read for the book club portion of the club. (again ... these children are AWFUL). in the end they voted for a book about a young slave girl who runs away after her master sells her to another family. (yet again, i cannot emphasize enough how terrible these children are...wanting to read books about slavery. and in their free time no less!)
soon after this, i hear a commotion out in the library. it is the CLL. she is harassing one of my kids. i walk over and ask if there is a problem because the kid she is harassing is typically a good kid.
CLL: are you supposed to be over here?
kid: huh?
me: is there a problem?
CLL: i'm just trying to figure out what he's doing here.
kid: huh?
me: was he doing something wrong?
CLL: well, i just don't know if he's supposed to be here
me: where else would he be? he's not doing anything wrong
CLL: he and this other one were running back and forth
(i saw no evidence of running)
me: (addressing the child in a half-assed fashion) there's no running
kid: ok
CLL: the manager said the older kids aren't allowed over here in the children's room.
me: yeah ... but he's a child. so he can be here in the children's room.
CLL: ok, (turns to kid) but you better watch it boy.
after several interactions like this i realize that this woman is in fact a complete nazi and will most likely cart the children off to work camps when i leave to go to the bathroom.
i approach my beloved assistant and tell her that we have a serious problem. she takes one look at this woman patrolling the children's room and tells me to let her handle it.
well ... okay then.
a little while later my assistant comes up to me.
AA: i set her straight
me: really? (she is a truly amazing assistant) how?
AA: turns out the manager told her that you let the kids do whatever they want
me: what?! (insert a whole bunch of curse words that should not be uttered by a children's librarian)
AA: yeah, but i set her straight
me: i can't believe ...
AA: i know
me: that is such (again insert the worst expletives you can think of)
so then the CLL came up to me and said that she would "leave me to it" and walked out of the children's room. my activities assistant is so extremely effective. then later i had a little chat with the CLL explaining the manager's hatred for children. and that while i do try to be nice to the children, i do enforce rules and use disciplinary measures when needed. and then, dear blog readers, i think the CLL became my friend, instantly recognizing me as a person with an actual heart.
but oh am i so very very very pissed off right now! this is it! it has gone too far! i will not stand by and allow my manager to belittle me to my subordinates and undermine all the hard work i do! how dare she?!
oh ... it's on. and i'm going straight to the top.

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