Wednesday, January 2, 2008

i get laryngitis and decide to expatriate

seriously, this may be turning into the files of an unorganized and chronically ill librarian. so after my new year's eve eve party and the regular new year's eve festivities i find myself without a voice. so last night after work i went straight to my couch and watched dvds of degrassi junior high. i ate soup and remembered to put my eyedrops in and i did some work on the mittens i'm knitting. when did i turn into a 70 year old woman?
after degrassi was done i decided to watch sicko by michael moore. its probably not a good movie to watch when you are actually sick because it kind of makes you feel more ill and gets you wondering about what other health problems might be in store for you in the near future. although i do recommend viewing it if you're well. i actually was crying at the end because i was so sad at the way we treat other human beings in this country. anyway, there was this part where he visits his friends in france and the say that they are allowed to stay home from work guilt free when they are sick. because, they explain, "when you're sick, you're sick."
so i called in today because i can barely speak and i am coughing and yesterday i felt so awful by the end of the day. (i also wound up yelling at a trouble maker kid and it really hurt my throat) i don't care if my manager and her buddy are going to insult me to the other employees. i am sick. and when you're sick you're sick. but i am thinking i might want to move my ill self to france. except i don't speak french. i just know this one phrase:
je suis allergique aux noix.

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fifi said...

You're allergic to what?

If you move, we all might follow you there. Seriously, that part of Sicko made me cry too & I was healthy* when I saw it.

*The claims of health and/or well-being made by Fifi Fleshwound (known heretofore as merely, "Ms. Fleshwound") are made at her own discretion and without consultation or advice of a medical professional, since Ms. Fleshwound has not had health insurance in nine months, and has no job that requires said insurance. Nothing she says about her health and/or well-being can be substantiated by anyone in the medical community, pharmaceutical industry, or even the free clinic. Ms. Fleshwound is not a licensed health practicioner, nor a licensed therapist or nutritionist. Her opinions are solely her own and do not constitute a diagnosis of any kind. Furthermore, Blogger, The Fleshwound, Files of an Unorganized Librarian and the Internet cannot be held responsible if Ms. Fleshwound is found to be ill when she claims health. Any claims of health and/or well-being will be tagged, tracked and kept on file as pre-existing conditions which WE may refuse to treat at any time. Thank you.