Friday, January 25, 2008

warm and fuzzy and manager-free

yesterday we did our final segment of "i am somebody" with the kids. (program in which we convince the children that they can have a future) so i came up with this idea to do "warm fuzzies" where the children decorate paper bags with their names and the paper bag becomes their mailbox of sorts and everyone has to deliver warm fuzzies to all the other people in the room. a warm fuzzy is something nice (anything nice!) about a person. and i made a special rule that you absolutely have to think of something nice about every person in the room and it doesn't matter if you know the person or if you like the person, because there is something good about everyone and you must find that good thing.
then there was a collective groan from the children.
"but miss dewey decimal!" they cried, "there are like 12 kids here! we have to write 12 things?"
"yes!" i exclaimed like the tyrant i am. "you will do this!"
and lo and behold once they started this exercise they really enjoyed it. i am SO good. seriously. it's uncanny how awesome i am.
so when they were all done delivering their warm fuzzies to each other, they got to read what people had written to them and they were all chatting about what nice things other people said about them and everyone felt all warm and fuzzy.
my favorite kid called me over to show me one, "look," he said, "someone thinks i am artistic and creative!" and i said that he is artistic and creative (i had written that one).
anyway, here are a few of the things the kids wrote about me (please note that i have corrected all spelling and grammatical errors):
1. you are nice and sweet
2. you think of things for people to do in the library that are fun
3. i like your rockin' hairstyle, flair for fashion and your sensitivity (those black and fuscia socks the other day really paid off)
4. you are a good teacher and help people (i am not actually a teacher, but whatevs)
5. you are nice and you are always there to help when i needed your help
6. ms. dewey decimal likes to volunteer and give snacks to children. though i like her for her personality and her ability to speak her mind (this is by far my favorite one)
7. i love you (a little 5 year old wrote this one)
anyway, it was so nice to read these things from the kids and my fabulous assistant and i totally patted each other on the back for creating such an awesome program. but then of course there was the sadness that i have to leave these kids because of mean miss manager. who, thankfully, is not here today. yay!

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*Bitch Cakes* said...

Yet another award winning librarian idea! Perhaps you should make a "How to be a cool librarian" guide and sell your fantastic ideas! Complete with how-to's for your kitten puppets, googley eyed creatures/crafts etc!!!