Wednesday, January 2, 2008

what a year for a new year

i joke a lot and i mask my troubles with amusing anecdotes and sarcastic comments. but i will tell you honestly that 2007 was not one of my best years. 2006 kind of sucked as well, but it got better towards the end and i thought 2007 would be a whole lot better than it was. but i look to 2008 with new found hopefulness. and even though i typically save my new year's resolutions for yom kippur, i have made some new year's resolutions. here they are (in no particular order):

  1. i will not drink any alcohol for the entire month of january. except for when i am at the library conference in 2 weeks. i give myself permission to have a few cocktails so that i can network and schmooze.
  2. i will write a novel. i have not set a date for its completion, but i will have a substatial novel that i will be working on.
  3. i will perform burlesque in public.
  4. i will continue going to the gym regularly and aim for 2.5 times a week ( i have lost 4 pounds this holiday season! it's good to be a jew. especially a jew with a bahaman stomach virus)
  5. i will not go after "players" anymore. mr. katz brought this habitual problem of mine to my attention last night and i thank him for it.

i leave you all with the lyrics of what is now one of my favorite holiday songs ...

what a year for a new year
by dan wilson

What a year for a new year
We need it like we needed life I guess
Last one left us lying in a mess
What a year for a new year

What a night for a sunrise
And we thought the dark would never end
Reaching out to try to find a friend
What a night for a sunrise

What a day for new day
And our star shines like a miracle
And our world is almost beautiful again

What a day for a new day
What a year for a new year

we’ll be lying in our beds
And new dreams will fill our heads
And the old ones will be ended

we’ll forget about this place
Let it go without a trace
Wipe the teardrops from our faces
Oh! What a year for a new year!

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fifi said...

I like your resolutions -- they're very attainable. And I can't wait to read your novel. Do you know the subject matter yet, or will that come when you start the class? Will it be about traveling slippers?

As for the "no playahs" (my translation) rule, you should probably steer clear of my neighbor boy, since his official title is "King Playah of G-Point."