Friday, April 18, 2008

5 day passover weekend: day 2

that's right ... i made myself a FIVE day passover weekend! and where am i spending it? tropical lawn guyland. yesterday i spent the day sipping tea in the park with my bff, catching up on the state of the world. then i drove out to long island where i sat in a record breaking THREE HOURS of traffic. yay! but i made it here.

this morning i woke up ridiculously early for no reason whatsoever. i read books about iceland. did you know that they are unable to grow fruits and vegetables in iceland? true story.

every year my mother and i spend hours upon hours in the kitchen getting ready for passover. it is one of my favorite things ever. there is much joking around and many jewish hijinks ensue.

first, we always consult our special passover cookbook. this happens to be the smallest passover cookbook in the world. we bought this cookbook together about 20 years ago when i was "refurbishing" my dollhouse. we found all these little jewish dollhouse accesories: passover cookbook, menorah, etc. but the best part of this cookbook is that there are REAL recipes inside. so every year my mom will turn to me and say, "can you read me the harosset recipe?" and i will dutifully turn to this miniscule book and find the recipe. ahhhhh, passover hijinks.

then i decided it would be best to take some pics of my mom for her profile. we took some pictures of her with a kugel, but they didn't turn out so great. but i like this picture i took of her holding a defective box of matzoh. this box actually came as part of a 6 pack, and although it is completely sealed it is EMPTY! there is NO matzoh in there! wtf?! somewhere i heard that streit's is leaving nyc. well, good riddance! your empty matzoh boxes aren't welcome here!

but anyway, for some reason the pictures of my mom holding a basketball are always the most flattering. i don't know if it's because of her prowess on the basketball court that just puts her at ease or what. but you don't want to play a round of horse with her. she will kick your ass.

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fifi said...


1) ADORABLE COOKBOOK! Yes, I meant the all caps. It's truly frickin' adorable & the fact that you still cook out of it is equally adorable.

2) I did not know Emeril Lagasse was kosher for passover--good for you both.

3) Love mom's pick--what stunning eyes you have, Mrs. Decimal! And the pose is precocious, which is a trait that should highlight for you. "One precocious hot mama seeking male equivalent."