Tuesday, April 15, 2008

my secret love of umbrellas OR things you never knew about me

did you know that today is national library worker day? well, it is. so today i was given an official library umbrella with our logo on it. this would actually be really handy, as i love umbrellas as well as free gifts. however my lovely mother just gave me this awesome coach umbrella (shown at left). it's unfortunate that all rain gear will now have to live in the shadow of my fabulous new coach umbrella (with white mod handle!). it's so pretty. i shouldn't even use it to repel rain. i should just take it outside and twirl it on sunny days while singing that incense and peppermints song.

1 comment:

fifi said...

Wowzers. No other umbrella will ever compare with that beauty, but yes, it's a nice little-known fact about our favorite librarian.