Friday, April 4, 2008

i'm okay ... you're kind of a mess

last night i met with the woman who works with incarcerated teens. she is so lovely. i totally want to woo her to be my friend. it turns out we have lots in common: both of us used to be engaged to men who we felt were unable to be "equal responsible partners" in a relationship. isn't that a strange coinkidink? but luckily neither of us took the plunge.
it was really nice talking with her. i told her of how i just don't seem to fit into the world of library-bureaucracies. i said this as a kind of sad fact, as if it might be a failing in myself. then she looked at me funny. "well why would you fit in?!" she asked, incredulously. " you're a creative passionate person! of course you don't belong in a bureacracy! no one likes a bureacracy!"
oh dear blog readers, that was music to my ears. because sometimes i wonder if the problem is me. and i mentioned that there are so many librarians that seem okay with The System and The Man and all that jazz. but she assured me that the problem is Them, so i will go with that.
then we had a grand discussion about hell's library (she knows alot of the hell's librarians), and public vs school libraries, and the collaboration or lack-there-of between public libraries and schools. oh what a fine time we had.
then i went home and caught up on america's next top model. can you believe they chose lauren over claire?! i am so sick of lauren and her weird voice and her frankenstein posture. (and i totally love claire. she reminds me of annie lenox, back in the day when annie lenox was fierce) i mean, i want to support lauren because she is from brooklyn (if i had to hazard a guess i'd say she's from greenpoint!) but what is her problem? why can't she walk properly?! i mean, i can walk better than she walks! just put one foot in front of the other! c'mon now girl, get it together. if you're gonna represent the nabe you need to up your game.

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