Friday, April 4, 2008

today is such a very good day

a few weeks ago ms. b. cakes turned me onto the greatness of fiber one cereal bars. well you just cannot find these things anywhere! after searching my neighborhood grocery stores and bodegas i finally went to to the one place that truly has everything. amazon. i happened to have a "reward" for $25 for spending ridiculous amounts of money on my amazon credit card. so i had a case, A CASE, of fiber one bars sent to library-in-the-hood. and, my dear blog readers, they came today. i decided i would leave a few boxes in my locker and then bring the rest home. then our teen computer page came into the break room while i was scarfing one down and simultaneoulsy trying to stuff the oversized amazon box into my locker. so then i had to explain the whole thing to him. have i mentioned that he kinda thinks i'm crazy? not in a bad way, but just in my quirky idiosyncratic way. anyway, he was pretty amused that i ordered so many cereal bars, so then i offered him one so that he too could experience the magic and wonder of fiber one. "don't worry," i told him, "you can't taste the fiber at all!" but now i am wondering if i should get a lock for my locker because if word gets out who knows what could happen to my stash of cereal bars.

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