Wednesday, April 9, 2008

try not to be too jealous of my crafty craftiness

seriously, how do you stand it? you must say to yourself all the time, "self ... i just wish i could be even half as crafty as miss dewey decimal. why, god? why have you forsaken me?" okay, maybe you don't say that to yourself. but you should! anyway, today we will be making collage kois. you find pretty shiny colorful pictures in magazines and then cut out little circles that will act as scales. i think it is best to cut out solid colors. or, if you want to be clever you can cut out stuff that is part of something larger but is unidentifiable once you cut it out. for instance, i have a picture of a hieroglyphic, a monarch butterfly's wing, a mcdonald's salad, grass, a brick wall, a cheerleader's pompom, etc. then you glue these little circles in a scale-like formation to a koi template (cut out of old manila folders. i am recycling!) then voila! you have a beautiful collage koi. sometimes i even amaze myself.
p.s. happy 400th post!

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Her Mother said...

Your fish is so beautiful; a reflection of the beauty of it's creataor.
a philosophical thought from Your Creator!