Tuesday, April 22, 2008

passover weekend day 5: and on the fifth day god ran errands

yesterday was the last day of my little passover vacation. it was a lovely vacation and i was really sad to have to return to work. so i came back to brooklyn and had a very productive day. here's what i did:
first i checked out this coffeeshop that is in my new nabe. ooooh, this place could be my new coffeeshop. there is coffee and food and a variety of seating options and FREE wifi! so first i had coffee with my roommate and then she left so that i could sit with my laptop and research options for my upcoming birthday. ooooooh, my birthday is going to be awesome. just you wait and see.
then i went home and figured out some bills and stuff.
and then, then i did a dangerous thing ... i went to ikea. but i was SO good. i was walking around ikea with blinders on. i was a woman with a mission. i would buy a desk and filing cabinet AND ONLY a desk and filing cabinet.
i feel i must have a proper desk in order to be a proper writer. and since my novel writing class is starting up again on wednesday i must be prepared! but man, it was tough ... there are so many fabulous things to buy in ikea.
so without further ado i would like to introduce you to the newest members of my family: mikael and gustav (am i the only one who refers to their ikea furniture by their proper ikea names?) anyway, gustav (my desk) is actually a very dark brown. and my filing cabinet, mikael, is a matching dark brown with white drawers. the whole thing looks very fab together.
and it only took me FOUR HOURS to assemble it all! yay! i of course was distracted by a dvd of season 3 of 90210 (dylan and kelly are finally settled into their new romantic relationship and will be touring europe after graduation!) but eventually i got it all set up and it looks lovely (especially with my white laptop sitting on it. soon it will be covered in crap, but right now it looks all monochromatic and minimalist and nice) anyway, it took me so long to assemble it that i didn't actually get to put anything away or organize or anything. but soon ... soon things will be organized.


Her Mother said...

Welcome to Gustav and Mikael -- I am so proud. They are almost like grandchildren!

fifi said...

Mazel Tav on these adorable additions to your family. Please don't send me potty-training pictures, 'cause they make me feel dirty.

I'm gonna have to see the boys up close & personal--check their teeth-n-such. We're gonna be in the market for new desks soon & your Gustav looks like such a nice little boy.

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

so far i am very happy with gustav. i recommend him highly. and he isn't too difficult to put together. unlike mikael who was a pain in my ass.

fifi said...

Mikaels typically are....

I can't wait to meet the boys!