Thursday, April 10, 2008

more fun than a barrel of bus puppets

i almost cancelled my class visit with the kindergartners today, due to the worsening of my perpetual sore throat. it kind of feels like i swallowed a large marble but instead of actually swallowing it, the marble is lodged in the back of my throat to obstruct the passage of important things like air and food. but i am a trooper. i will not call in sick or go to a doctor. that is for pussies. i will continue on with my life, martyr that i am, and in the end i did not cancel my class visit. i met with the little ones and a good time was had by all. they really love me now. we have a whole routine. i read:
is your mama a llama? (no she is a librarian!)
dear zoo
i'm the biggest thing in the ocean
baby bear, baby bear what do you see?
i ain't gonna paint no more
five little monkeys jumping on the bed
the hungry little caterpillar
it looked like spilt milk
the wheels on the bus
they have half these books memorized and they just love to shout out the stuff they know. they're so cute. somehow they convinced me to make a bus puppet with them next time. what is a bus puppet? that doesn't sound like a very fun puppet.

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