Wednesday, April 16, 2008

my craftiness and my jewishness will blow your mind

you must bask in the glory of my continually crafty craftiness! after a while you would think i might run out of ideas. maybe i would get all dried up and washed out. maybe i would lose my idealistic ideals and become a sell out. but no, this is not the case.
today i will be discussing passover with the children and then we will be making these fabulous seder plates. you are probably thinking to yourself, "how on earth did miss dewey decimal make such a lovely seder plate?" well, it was not as easy as one might think. surprisingly, all the passover crafts i found on the internet were for children who will actually be celebrating passover. stuff like matzoh covers, afikomen holders, passover place cards ... you know, things that the children of the hood would never need. so i had to scour the internet for pictures of the seder plate items that were appropriate for coloring, and then i glued them onto a paper plate which i had colored in with magic marker. then, in the center, as the piece de resistance, i wrote my name in hebrew (hebrew spellings are approximated). so i will be giving all the kids a little print out of the hebrew alphabet and they will figure out how to spell their names in hebrew. what fun!
seriously, i love exposing the children to jewish culture. i am such an oddity to them. none of them have ever met a jew before. i am truly a stranger from a strange land. they are always enthralled whenever i say crazy things like, "well, as a jew i don't celebrate easter." then they collectively gasp and shout in amazement. oh, it will be such fun to describe passover to them. it will blow their minds.


Her Mother said...

oy - i am kvelling -- you are not just a Fabulous Librarian, but, practically a Rabbi.
I love the Seder plates!!!!

fifi said...

Your craftiness & your jewishness haven't let me down yet. Nor will they let down the children o' the lib'ary in the hood. This is your shock & oy campaign.

That plate is adorable. And now I have more questions about Passover. Looks like we're gonna need an invite next year for further investigation. Are goyim (& particularly this shiksa goddess) allowed to break matzoh with you on Passover, or is that not kosher?

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

goyim and shiksa goddesses alike are always invited to break matzoh on passover. it's a very welcoming holiday.

shock and oy. good one.

fifi said...

That settles it--my campaign for an invitation to next year's passover dinner is on.

I'll call it my Mitzvah Misfit Mission! (I promise to come up with many more awesome phrases like this & shock & oy as part of my campaign.)