Saturday, April 12, 2008

so lonesome i could cry, so bored i could shelf-read

back at the 'brary on a perfectly good saturday afternoon. the kid who hates hoboes came in and after a rousing conversation debating whether or not my arms bend weird (which they do NOT), he was off to the computers to play mind-numbing videogames. now i am all by my lonesome. i've been fairly productive for a saturday. i was so bored i actually spent some time shelf-reading. this is when we go over to the shelves and read all the dewey decimals numbers and see if anything is out of order. it's terribly tedious. i'm sure many men have gone mad shelf-reading. that's why i would typically punish one of the pages with this type of chore. but it was actually kind of relaxing. i may go back and do some more.
then, after searching forever for a passover puzzle i broke down and created my own passover crossword, complete with informative blurb describing pesach. fun fun fun. now i will search the internet for fabulous passover craft ideas.

(one time when i lived in albany we had these really rude uptight neighbors who would always steal our parking space. they would decorate for every holiday with very boring tasteful decorations. like a scarecrow to celebrate fall! yay! and somehow my roommate and i decided that we would "get back" at them by putting up the most tasteless and tacky decorations, one of my favorites being a carboard witch that was missing a leg. anyway, for passover i made a seder plate out of construction paper. then my roommate made a construction paper loaf of bread with one of those big red circles and a line through it. get it? no leavened bread on passover. anyway, hopefully i can come up with something better than that for the children to do.)


Her Mother said...

omigod - a witch with one leg!!

i forgot about your hostile holiday decorations - thanks for the memories!!

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

sadly our hostile holiday decor wasn't all that effective as a means of revenge

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

excellent use of "omigod" btw ... you are so hip

fifi said...

I thought the no white bread on the plate was symbolic of no white people in our space. So much meaning to a few layers of paper products.