Saturday, April 26, 2008

clean and serene

back at the 'brary on a saturday. as sad as that is there is a bit of joyfulness in knowing that i will not be working another saturday for 4 weeks! how is this possible? i don't know! and i don't care!
today the kid who hates hoboes came in. he was wearing a lanyard around his neck with a big white plastic skull hanging from it. and then next to the skull i noticed there was a tear-drop shaped leather keychain, with gold letters embossed in it. it read, "clean and serene for 2 years." obviously, the kid who hates hoboes is too young to have had a substance abuse problem and then have overcome said substance abuse problem 2+ years ago. so who is this person who gave him the clean and serene keychain? was it one of his parents? at first i thought it was innappropriate to give a child something like that. but then after i thought about it for a second, i thought maybe the kid who hates hoboes is really proud of this clean and serene person. maybe this person became clean and serene specifically for him.
and then the kid who hates hoboes told me he was really bored. and then i said that i too was bored. and then he told me that he was learning his 6 times tables in school (pause for me to rant about how he should already have learned his 6 times tables by now. he is entering 5th grade next fall!) so i quizzed him a little and found out he really hadn't retained any of his 6 times tables. so i gave him these flashcards i had made for my favorite kid, and told him that if he could learn all the 6s i would give him a prize. so he dutifully sat at a table and memorized the flashcards and a little later i quizzed him and he got them all right. and then i gave him a clown nose. these kids will do anything for cheap prizes.
and that dear blog readers was my saturday.

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fifi said...

Coulda been the Twinks. That shit's bad & I should know. I messed around with 'em when I was like 4, but by the time I was 6, I was hooked on 'em real bad. Comin' off those bitches was the hardest thing I ever did. Relapsed 17 times before I finally got clean & turned my life around at 16.

Them was some rough years. I'd do anything for a Twink--and I mean anything. I jacked Big Wheels, mugged some kids on the monkey bars & even knocked off one little boy's ol' lady for a fix. Was her life worth it? Huh?! Naw, it wasn't. But that's what addiction can do to you. Chew you up & spit you out, without a care for anyone else on this big green ball.

Here's to hobohater's 2+ of clean & serene. Mad props.