Tuesday, April 1, 2008

strutting forward and a secret confession

tonight i went to my local coffeeshop to work on my novel, and i met up with a colleague from work who happens to also hang out at the local coffeeshop. he is possibly my only true work friend. anyway we were discussing the state of library affairs, and even with all my legitimate work issues i was beginning to wonder if maybe i just need to “get over it.” because when i was recounting the various injustices which have befallen me, none of them have happened lately (except of course the vacation day debacle, but i won’t even get into that). so i have decided from this moment on that i am letting bygones be bygones. i will be moving on and approaching everything with a fresh new attitude (that new attitude being a positive one) startiiiiiiiing … NOW!

tonight i also went to the garage to discuss why my car is always bottoming out and it was brought to my attention that my “struts are shot.” struts apparently cost about $120 each, which makes me wonder … can i not strut enough for both me and my car?

and finally, i have a secret confession … let me start by saying that mr. katz gave me some words of wisdom regarding this blog. he said that whatever i write i should assume that everyone is reading it, specifically everyone who i wouldn’t want reading it. he of course told me this after stating that he believes i am reckless, both in my blog writing and in my personal life. well, i never. of course, if you look at the facts, he has a pretty good argument. but anyway … moving on … i make this secret confession knowing that those i don’t want to read it most likely are reading it:
i was kind of hoping that after running into the glam rocker the other night that he would be so beholden by my beauty (i looked so good! seriously, liquid eyeliner makes all the difference) and he would realize that ending things with me was a big mistake and he would call me on bended knee and ask me out. and in my head i decided that tuesday would be the deadline for bended knee begging. because that is 5 days and if a boy takes more than 5 days to contact me, he is not worthy of my time. and sadly tuesday has now come and gone with no contact from the glam rocker. i guess he is too busy keeping the rock alive.
and that, dear blog readers, is my life so far.

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Her Mother said...

I hate the Glam Rocker. He is not worthy!! And that's my final answer.