Saturday, February 2, 2008

black history month

i am really feeling lazy today, which i think is pretty typical of saturdays. in an attempt to do something constructive with my time i created this fabulous black history month bulletin board. i have to say, i am very proud of it. it's a bit controversial too. overall my theme is one of rising up against oppression and the ultimate power of the people. please notice that there is a picture of my man obama and i've placed him next to a picture of someone who has painted himself in "white face" with the word "vote" on his forehead. this is my subtle message that you should vote for obama. also, i threw in a picture of huey newton and the black panthers. i am such a radical. seriously, i feel empowered just looking at this display.
(p.s. i didn't want to put in that picture of oprah but the kid who doesn't like hoboes asked me to and how can i resist him?)

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