Friday, February 22, 2008

snow day!

la la la, drove through the snow and over the river and through the woods to library-in-the-hood this morning. what? did you think that they'd close the library due to inclement weather?! never! they will keep the library open and pay for utilities and part-timers' salaries and only 5 patrons will come in, but god damnit we stayed open!
anyhoo, i had a nice morning where i bought the non-organic poptarts (the ones with the pink frosting ... yummmm, frosting) and had my cup of tea and cleaned off my car. then when i put my iPod on shuffle in the car "Good Enough" by Dodgy came on. it's this very happy upbeat almost gay brit-pop song that was a one hit wonder when i lived in england. i hadn't heard it in forever and it made me happy.
then ... when i got to the library i found out that the senior clerk isn't coming in until after lunch because of a meeting, which means i only have ONE AFTERNOON left with her. YAY! so then in her absence i had to do the money, but i was able to do it even though they refused to train me. how was i able to do it you ask? because i am not an idiot. that's how.
so now i am here with not much to do but watch the snow fall on the ghetto. ahhhhh.
p.s. has anyone noticed how i am now incorporating book covers in my postings? it's not easy you know, finding appropriate books. i hope you guys appreciate this bit of cleverness.

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