Tuesday, February 26, 2008

happy blood drive day!

today was the library's blood drive. yay! i am so weird, i actually really enjoy giving blood. i don't know why. maybe because everything is so sterile and neatly organized and there is a whole ritualistic procedure that the nurses follow. who knows.
this morning i went to Central bright and early, on library time of course. i made sure to wear something fab, but also conducive to blood donation. i settled on one of my new cutey tops from target and my brown dress pants. yes, i am in pants. shocking, i know. (have i ever mentioned how the kids have actually commented on the few days i have worn pants to the 'brary?) anyway, i was by far the best dressed library employee there.
of course, when i got there i saw mean ms. manager at the cookies and juice table. so i avoided eye contact and was able to fill out my forms without acknowledging her existence. then she was gone before they took me in. nice!
afterwards, i made sure my nurse gave me the special turqouise bandage so that it would coordinate with my colorful top. seriously, i am just a bright ray of sunshine wherever i go. and then i proceeded to drink about 4 juice boxes and eat 5 packets of cookies. it had to be done! then dear blog readers, i felt a little woozy. but i made it back to the branch just in time for my lunch hour and then i took a nap on the very uncomfortable couch-like thing in our break room. and now i am feeling a bit tired, but better, and of course i am three hours of comp time richer.

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