Saturday, February 16, 2008

i'm so bored ... where is my saturday entertainment? (aka the kid who hates hoboes)

urgh, let me out of here. i was so good today. i finished my book order. i didn't just sit around checking my email every three minutes. although i did that too. just in addition to that i also finished my book order. then the kid who hates hoboes came in and kept me company for a little while. he's been taking out lots of DVDs because he finally finished reading down his fines. and i've been warning him, "kid who hates hoboes," i say, "be careful taking out all those DVDs or else you'll get more late fees and you won't be able to use your newly re-gained library card." but what happens? he returns all his DVDs late this week and now he owes $22. so sad. so i had him read a book to me. it was about a girl who lets all these animals into the library. it was pretty good. then i was going to have him read me a second book so that he could earn more money, but his father came in. or i thought it was his father. it could have been his uncle. anyway, his older male relative came in and started yelling at him and telling him that they had to leave. there was some talk that made me think it was a custody issue, but i really don't know. so then the kid who hates hoboes skulked off and i told him that i would give him his dollar coupon later. but the worst part is that he missed the ray charles thing that happened this afternoon and he had been looking forward to that for weeks. i mean sure, he would have been in a room surrounded by at least 60 senior citizens, but i think he would have been able to hang. he's very charismatic. poor kid who hates hoboes.

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Her Mother said...

Just some more motherly kvelling---This blogger really knows her plurals. Ordinary mortals might just add an "s" to hobo, but, she has upped the level of sophistication for all of us. i was concerned, being HER MOTHER and all, so, i checked the dictionary and learned that Yes, correctimundo for hoboes!!!!