Monday, February 18, 2008

not writing my novel: a daily activity

oh, why oh why am i not writing my novel? anyway, i am in starbucks yet again . verb, brooklyn label AND greenpoint coffeeshop were all packed. what gives? i SO wanted to go to verb and get the organic oatmeal (served with raisins, brown sugar, honey and steamed milk. yummm) but it was filled with a bunch of pretentious hipsters all sitting with their laptops ... oh wait, nevermind. anyway, i was so hungry searching for a place to sit and eat and write that i went to christina's and had some pierogies. and now i am sitting at the counter of starbucks, which is a place i hate out of principal yet find myself hanging out at more and more. damned them and their little green aprons! i wrote about a paragraph of my novel and now i am playing around on the internet thanks to their overpriced wifi that i cannot resist paying $9.99 for. but it's good for 24 hours! maybe i'll come back here after boot camp! must keep up the svelteness! i weighed in this morning at 133! woohoo! svelte ... so svelte.
ok ... will go back to writing my novel now. i swear.


*Bitch Cakes* said...

Treat yourself to an apple tart!

And I caved- I went to Banana yesterday with my new Luxe card. I managed to buy 3 items and spend only 100 dollars (thanks to sales and my 3 $20. off coupons)

By the way, you do look extra svelte lately. Enjoy it!

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

thanks lady! i AM enjoying my svelteness. i don't see any apple tarts here. i am thinking of getting one of those cookies with the m&ms in them. did you get the dress i told you about? probably not if you only spent $100. way to go, those are impressive numbers!

*Bitch Cakes* said...

no dresses at the Soho location worth trying on: I got the gray pinstripe pencil skirt I had been eyeing (not even on sale, but I couldn't wait anymore!), a powder blue button up silk? top, and a lavender little half sleeve sweater with a tie that looks very 1940's.

*sigh* Banana, I love you so!