Friday, February 22, 2008

hangman and mp4 players

i have discovered that my children love playing hangman. i don't know why i've been trying so hard with planning programs. all they want to do is play hangman.
anyway, the other day the kid who hates hoboes came in and told me that it was his birthday over the weekend. then he proudly showed me what looked like an iPod, and i said, "oooh, did you get an iPod?"
and he said, "no, i got an mp4 player."
"um, kid who hates hoboes ... it's an mp3 player."
"no," he said, "this is an mp4 player."
"i'm pretty sure there's no such thing as an mp4 player."
well, let's just agree to disagree. shall we?
so then he discovered that he can record sound on the mp3 player, which is kind of exciting. i don't think i can do that on my iPod. maybe that's where the 4 comes in.
moving on ... then we played hangman. now, the kids love playing hangman, but they are not actually good at it. they guess the craziest letters like Q and Z and J. and often there is only one or two letters left and they can't guess it. i've been trying to encourage them to sound it out and leave a space where the missing letter is. but they don't like this idea. too much work. the whole thing is ridiculous. anyway, this last time we were playing they were starting to actually think and sound out the words and figure it out. yay!
so then on our last word, my favorite kid was able to figure it out and there weren't even all that many letters on the board yet. well, we all rallied around him praising him for his excellent powers of deduction. but then, and this is the best part, the kid who hates hoboes decided to interview my favorite kid about his hangman achievement, and record it on his mp3 player. it went something like this:
KWHH: so Favorite Kid, how did you feel when you solved the last hangman?
FK: it was good
KWHH: yeah, but how did you feel?
FK: well, it felt good i guess. like i felt proud. and everyone was happy for me.
then they kept replaying the interview and making people listen to it. it was possibly the cutest thing ever.


*Bitch Cakes* said...

Sure, first he's a hangman hero but a year from now he will be involved in some steroid related hangman scandal.

Enjoy your time now, KWHH. And don't do drugs!

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

i think you should be a motivational speaker and i can hire you to tell the children of the dangers of performance enhancing drugs.