Monday, February 25, 2008

footloose and fancy freelance

you may be asking yourself, "self ... i wonder ... how did miss dewey decimal's job interview go today? the one at the fancy pants television network?" so if you are in fact wondering that, then you may want to read on ...
first, i was so neurotic about getting there on time that i left a full hour early. even after parking my car in a very overpriced garage, i still had about 30 minutes to spare. so i decided to scope out the nabe for places in which i could eat lunch after i invariably got the job. turns out there are a variety of fine eateries in the area: hale & hearty soups, soup man, cosi (with free wifi!), etc. after about 15 minutes of wandering around i decided to just go inside.
they have doormen at the fancy pants television network! and they are so nice. they were very concerned about me getting the job and gave me many heartfelt words of encouragement. then there was some positive re0inforcement when i mentioned that i felt the picture they took of me for my temporary ID pass wasn't as flattering as i would have liked. they assured me that in the scheme of temporary ID passes, my picture was lovely and i should not bother re-taking it.
while i was waiting in the waiting area for my interviewer, i saw all these gold statuette awards hanging about. and when i say "hanging about" i mean, prominently on display. i kind of wanted to sneak one into my purse, but in the end i thought better of it.
the interview went very well. i could tell the guy was very impressed by little ol' me. the one drawback is that if offered this job i will be considered a "freelance" employee, and will be taking a significant cut in pay and in benefits (what gives, fancy pants television network?!) then my interviewer asked if i would be interested in working at their main library in connecticut, where i could get a higher paying job with more power and prestige. unfortunately, i really don't feel like going to connecticut every day. or ever, for that matter. i could easily go my whole life without visiting connecticut and it would be okay by me. anyhoo, i told him i am still very interested in the job even though the pay and benefits situation leaves much to be desired. he said that he will be making his decision in the next few days. i'd be pretty surprised if he didn't offer it to me.
i have two school library job interviews next week, but i am feeling like i want this job. despite it's fallbacks. it could be a big opportunity for me, leading to other things, opening doors, etc. i think i can make it work. MAKE IT WORK PEOPLE!

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