Friday, February 15, 2008

hopping for heart

today is a very special day. today is hopping for heart day! yay! that is right! i lured punk rope creator, tim haft, to library-in-the-hood to do a special jump rope program with the kids. it's going to be so fun. i can't wait. i am so bored and restless with anticipation of this program! when will it be 4 o'clock?! when?!
anyway, the kids are super excited. every day they ask me, "when is hopping for the heart, ms. dewey decimal? is it today?" and i say "quit asking me that! look at the calendar and figure it out!" see? i've taught the kids how to read a calendar. i'm so good.
what is also exciting about this program is that it is a "trial" program. meaning that i found this fantastic program and the head of afterschool activities will be visiting from Central to observe it. AND, if she likes it she will book MORE punk rope programs. and it will all be because of me ME ME! ohmygod, i am such a trendy trendsetter.

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