Thursday, February 7, 2008

happy anniversary

did you know, beloved blog readers, that today is the one year anniversary of this fabulous fabulous blog which i write? well it is! and there shall be much rejoicing! if you are a new reader, might i suggest going back and catching up on all 300+ posts that i have written. each one is like a little ball of sunshine.
yesterday i was hanging out with the kids and they were doing their crazy-kids-in-the-ghetto schtick, and i was thinking that i really love working with them and i consider them to be "my kids" in a way. and for a second i kind of blocked out all the administrative bullshit that i deal with and i thought to myself that this job isn't so bad and why on earth would i ever look for a new job.
but then i come in today and my friend tells me that ms. manager was grilling her about what happened yesterday. "what did happen yesterday?" i asked her, since i didn't think anything all that dramatic happened.
"oh," she said, "you know. when you had your program yesterday and those kids were acting up."
so here is what really happened. we had a woman come in yesterday and do a program of african american stories and songs. it was very nice. but for some reason the community liason woman decided to force some kids to attend. first off, this isn't school and we shouldn't be forcing anyone to do anything. but she forced these "bad kids" to attend the program and lo and behold what did they do in the program? they acted badly. whoa! never would have seen that one coming! but they were just acting up a bit and we yelled at them and then they stopped. no big deal.
so why is ms. manager asking my friend about it? it was my program. i was there the entire time. i was supervising. and it's this type of bullshit that drives me crazy. if you have a problem with me or my work here, tell ME! discuss it with ME!
so in conclusion ... love the kids, hate the management. anyone want to offer me a job?

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*Bitch Cakes* said...

Happy blog-iversary, Ms Dewey Decimal! All of your blogs ARE like a daily dose of fun and sunshine! Keep up the good work.

Yes, management in that place is dreadful. At least you have the kids and job satisfaction. Speaking of the kids, I want to give you 5 dollars when I see you. I only gave a buck last night and needed to make change to give more, but never did. So next time!