Thursday, February 28, 2008

can i TRY to keep the library in order? i don't know. seems like a tough job.

so i was informed that i could not lead my math bingo game today because ms. manager was leaving early and needed me to "be on the floor" because people from CENTRAL are coming. fine. no big deal. so i am mannnig the desk, my presence looming over everyone. then i get called away to help a child find a book. i probably should try to cut down on that, being a librarian and all. why should i be wasting so much time helping people get the books they need? so ms. manager finds me in the stacks with a young man who needed books on civil war weaponry, and she looks at me like she is really annoyed at me, as if i have somehow let her down.
"i'm leaving now," she says, very irritated to be speaking to me. "and the people from Central are coming soon. could you please try to keep the library neat."
oh yes, miss manager. i surely will try miss manager. i really do hope i can handle that level of responsibility, miss manager.
seriously, what does this woman think will happen? does she think that i will let in a gang of hooligans? maybe she imagines that i will allow a keg party in the teen area, much like the time i had a house party when my parents were out of town.
finally she leaves, and i do a sweep of the library. i mean, maybe the library is in a state of chaos and there is reason for her concern. of course, the library is perfectly fine. i push some chairs in for good measure, but the place is spic and span. not only that, it is fairly empty and rather quiet.
so when the higher-ups from central come in, they are very loud. they're chatting amongst themselves, patting themselves on the back for running things so well. and suddenly the library is very noisy and i think of how if ms. manager were here she would yell "hello?!" the charming way that she does and tell them to please be quiet. you know, if they were patrons and not uber important phoney higher-ups.

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