Saturday, February 16, 2008

my bodega dreams ... broken

here i am, yet again, at the 'brary on a saturday. woe is me. woe is definitely me. le sigh. this morning i went to my favorite bodega for my morning ritual of tea and organic pop tarts (when will i buy more soy milk so i can go back to eating cheerios?) and you will never believe what happened when i got there ... the bodega was closed! i was appalled! and they left their flat screen TV on playing their strange shows in arabic. so of course i stood in front of the locked door for a while peering in, wondering when the nice kurdish couple might appear. then i even knocked on the door, thinking that if they were in the back of the store they might let me in. you know, since we're so tight and all. but alas, nothing. then i had to go to some other lesser bodega for my morning needs. oh, it was terrible. and then i was almost late, but luckily i rolled in exactly at 9:30, so no one can complain.

today we will be having a program for the adults in which some musicians will be here performing motown hits. yay! motown hits! i hope the kid who hates hoboes shows up he entertains me on saturdays sometimes. and he loves ray charles.

oh and yesterday's hopping for heart program went really well. the kids LOVED it. they learned about cardiovascular exercise. can you say car-dio-vas-cu-lar? and they did stretches and jumped rope and complained of dehydration then jumped rope more then fell down exhausted. they really loved it. they were all smiling and goofing around and being happy kids. and then i showed off some of my jump roping skillz. that's right, skills with a Z! i did crosses, school yard step ... i was going to do running crosses but i was wearing one of my new banana republic dresses and i wasn't jumping as well as usual. if only we had played skip tag. it turns out, i am an AMAZING skipper. i can skip so fast it'll make your head spin. and i can change directions on a dime. A DIME! who knew?


Her Mother said...

omigod--- i never knew about your jump roping skills. You are a Prodigy--- i'm kvelling.

meanwhile, i'm really happy that the kids enjoyed Punk Rope. there's a lot of love in that library, thanks to YOU!!!!!

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

obviously i have amazing jump roping skillz, i've been jumping rope for like 2 years. but what is more amazing is my skipping. i am totally a skipping prodigy.

*Bitch Cakes* said...

I can vouch for Ms Dewey Decimal- she has the jump roping skillz she claims and can skip circles around you!