Monday, March 3, 2008

i am good for more than *one thing* ... i swear

after being sexually harrassed by the child therapist/african american jew and being pre-broken-up-with by the glam rocker, i have been filled with a slight bit of rage. i don't know, i just feel like everybody wants something from me, and they all seem to have some self-righteous feeling that they're entitled to it. i am beginning to think that men just view me as some sort of sexual playground that exists only for their amusement, to be frequented or abandoned at their will. this, dear blog readers, is not a nice feeling.
so when i received the following txt, i was enraged. ENRAGED:
hey how r u doin?
this is lou
me & my friend helped u moved yesterday!
i was just wondering if we could hook up?
wtf?! i hire movers, and they do a shitty job, and then they think i may be available for sex? grrrrrrr.
so i called the head of All Star Movers and reported this to him. he said he would be calling lou immediately and that he would get back to me on this matter. of course, i have yet to hear from him.
but to all you men out there i would just like to reiterate that i am in fact a thinking feeling person and i would appreciate it if even one of you could treat me as such.

p.s. i broke down and called the polyamorist. he will be stopping by to install Stolman.

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*Bitch Cakes* said...

That text from the movers is outrageous!!!!!

I love you for YOU- sure your body is pretty sweet, but I love your mind too ;)

I guess that guy isn't so bad after all! Happy closeting!