Friday, March 28, 2008

thank you gods of justice and rock n' roll

on the one hand, the month of march has taught me that everyone reads my blog and i should probably just shut the hell up. but by golly, you just can't keep a good woman down ...

last night i went to see my friend's band, the naked heroes, play at trash bar. they are awesome by the way, everyone should worship them.

anyway ... i wore liquid eyeliner. i looked hot. my bestest friends were there. we danced around. i drank cheap beers.

in walks the glam rocker, and my god did i play it cool. oh hello there glam rocker ... why yes it is lovely to see you as well ... i read this article that may be of interest to you ... take care then, ta ta! seriously, i could not have played that situation any cooler. point 1: me!

most likely nothing will come of this situation, but damned ... it felt nice to have something go right for a change. and at the end of the night i walked myself home through the empty streets of brooklyn, singing songs on my iPod and feeling good.

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