Thursday, March 20, 2008

we have a winner

just in case you were wondering who would win the Unpack All Your Boxes moving competition, the official winner is ME! miss dewey decimal! yay! i officially have unpacked all of my boxes (although there are a few random things of mine laying around that the roomie and i packed last minute. and when i say packed i mean that we randomly threw a bunch of crap into a box hoping to sort it out later). anyway, here are the items that are officially missing, never to be seen again:
1. my OXO plunger - have you used OXO products? they are amazing. i also heart their garlic press.
2. my bathmats - luckily i purchased a new mat from the dollar store. i don't know if it is intended for bathroom use but it is blue with ugly pink flowers, so who cares?
3. my food processor - how do you lose a food processor? i don't know. but apparently, i've lost mine.
4. my medium sized saucepan - we have a small saucepan and then the large cauldron type pot i got as an engagement present back when i was engaged (oh how little you know about me! never knew i was sentenced to death ... i mean marriage), but where is my medium sized sauce pan?
so if you see any of these items, please alert me immediately.
otherwise things are good. ms. bitchcakes was nice enough to give me not one but TWO fiber one ceral bars last night. i had one for breakfast, caramel and oat, it was AWESOME! i must get more and make them a part of my new morning ritual. also, ms. b. cakes gave me this cool reading is sexy bumper sticker. ahhhh, miss b. cakes ... you make me smile. did you by any chance happen to see my food processor?


Kelly said...

perhaps the pervy moving men were hoping to see you again..."is that my food processor in your pocket or are you just happy to see me"

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

maybe i should write another complaint to emove

fifi said...

Why's it only items from the kitchen & bathroom that are missing? If it was the mover dudes, I'd count my panties & bras.