Monday, March 10, 2008

thrice busted

i have been writing this blog for over a year now, as you probably know being my devoted followers and all. and never have i gotten into any sort of "trouble" in regards to my writing this. but this week i got myself into some sort of trouble, not once, not twice, but THRICE! that means three times.
first, the nubian god wrote me an e-mail yelling at me for my poor judgment in regards to men. this was actually unfair (although not entirely untrue) because he was mad at me for getting sexually harassed by the movers. do not blame the victim, nubian god! but then he said that really he was just concerned for my well-being. so that's ok.
second, my colleague from work read something i wrote in regards to him (which i felt was more making fun of me than making fun of him). but luckily he was pretty cool about it. in fact i think it was cool of him to call me out on it. so that was ok.
then third, i had a stolman upset and i needed the help of the polyamorist again. but when i txted him he told me that my stolman privileges had been rescinded. turns out he read the "stolman update." (who knew my blog was so popular?) rightfully so, he was not pleased. and really, i actually felt bad about it. i had so many issues that i grappled with after our breakup and it just felt good to have some sort of closure on those issues and know that i was over it and in a much better place. really that was what i was trying to express. i had no malicious intent, but re-reading the post there is definitely a mean-spirited undertone. i try not to be a malicious person. and it had been nice to chat with him and be on friendly terms. so i am debating about whether or not i should delete that post. i've never self-censored before.
anyway, in conclusion ... this week this blog has kind of bitten me in the ass. and i think i will be more careful in the future. but not too much more careful because that wouldn't be fun.


*Bitch Cakes* said...

I wondered if there was a chance of the ex reading that. Sometimes I want to write about something so badly but know I can't because of my audience and those that are involved. It's a tough call sometimes...

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

i realize now that it was reckless on my part ... i am used to having some idea of who reads the blog, but as it is becoming oh-so-popular i must step up the responsible-ness.