Tuesday, March 4, 2008

stolman update

so when i was cursing ikea and complaining that the polyamorist was possibly the only person on earth who knew how to put together my intricate closet system my roommate looked at my quizzically and said, "just call him. i would have called him hours ago if i were you."
"but the last time i spoke to him i was so bitchy." i won't even tell you what i told him to put up his you know where.
"it doesn't matter," she assured me, "just act like nothing happened. guys love that. they hate conflict."
"really?" i asked, "you think that will work?"
"trust me," she said, "just act like it's perfectly normal to be calling him. i guarantee he will go along with it."
and lo and behold she was right. oh wise roommate! so the polyamorist came over last night and installed stolman. he brought his cute little dog with him too. i had really missed the dog. while he was here i also got him to fix my niagara falls lamp, which now lights up AND rotates! anyway, we chatted away as though it was perfectly normal for him to be in my new apartment assembling furniture, and i realized that not only am i so over him, but i am also so much better than him.
i recently told someone that break ups are a great time for self-improvement. and suddenly it occurred to me just how much self-improvement i have achieved since poly and i broke up. i have lost weight, started exercising regularly, invested in my wardrobe, made new friends, started writing a novel, travelled to amazing places, gotten excellent haircuts, continued on the path of being a strong independent women, etc etc. i have improved greatly, whereas the polyamorist is still a no good taking-everything-for-granted fool. (and he obviously stopped going to the beehive, so now he is a fool with a bad haircut)
and then when stolman was complete i walked poly outside. he mentioned twice that we should hang out again soon, and not wait another 18 months to see each other. to which i said, in my most non-committal tones, "we'll see."
and then i kissed him on the cheek, as we do in polite society, and there was this moment where i could tell he was contemplating whether or not to try to kiss me on the lips. i pulled away and felt his hand linger at my waist just a little too long.
"have a good night!" i chirped merrily, and walked back to my fabulous new apartment, knowing that I .... HAD .... WON!

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*Bitch Cakes* said...

I can't help it- I have to say "You go, girl!"