Monday, March 10, 2008

women's history month: a frightening tale

i have a sore throat and i don't feel like being witty today. so i will just tell you that today we discussed women's history and i asked the kids to think of famous important women. it went something like this:
me: who are some famous important women?
kids: [sound of crickets chirping]
me: anyone
favorite kid: rosa parks?
me: yes, but can you think of someone that we didn't already discuss for black history month?
other kid: harriet tubman?
me: yes, but again, we discussed her for black history month. can you think of any other famous women?
kids: [silence]
me: okay ... do you know any of the women who fought for the right to vote?
other kid: rosa parks?
me: what did rosa parks do?
other kid: she sat in the front of the bus.
me: yeah, so it's not her. any one? any famous woman? any woman from history?
kids: [far off in the distance you could hear the sound of the educational system crumbling]
me: susan b anthony!
kids: who?
me: oh god.
and it pretty much went like that for the following women: clara barton, sandra day o'connor, amelia earhart, j.k. rowling, florence nightingale, condolezza rice, sally ride, eleanor roosevelt, sacajawea, etc etc.
to his credit, my favorite kid did mention hillary clinton. so that was good. other mentions were beyonce and some chick i never heard of from american idol.


Her Mother said...

I hope that some child there was thinking of you for women's history month -- I know you are not famous, yet, but, you are an urban myth, and I am really, really proud of you.

*Bitch Cakes* said...

Can your Mom adopt me? My mom never said anything that nice to me.

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

maybe my mom could adopt you ... she does have a soft spot for sassy bloggers. you'll probably have to convert though.